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We combine substantial craftsmanship with progressive design to bring our concept of material culture and its natural charm into the lives of people.

Michael von Mücke

Handcraft Designer, Metal Worker (Meister)

Lukas Gruber

Handcraft Designer, Product Designer, Architect

Jonas Kraus

Graphic Designer, Photographer

We are united by a common understanding of handcraft and design.

Dedication to the creative process leads us to unexpected discoveries.


Our goal is to translate handcraft culture into contemporary design to create appealing products with tangible charm again. Experimentation and invention often open up unimagined dimensions. We want the customer to perceive this depth and beauty in our products and make them available with the help of contemporary production and fair-trading conditions.

Mission statement

Contemporary design, precise functionality with sophisticated details, as well as solid craftsmanship give the products their unmistakable appearance. Conscientious manufacturing in Germany with resource-saving use of materials guarantees longevity and sustainability.

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Design understanding

We want to convey the simplicity of things through clear design. Attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and material processing are characteristic of our products.